Lonesome Road Ministries

McKay Project began a partnership with Gary Rayburn and Lonesome Road Ministries in 2016.

Lonesome Road Ministries is an organization that primarily reaches out to truck drivers by placing FREE CDs with music and messages in truck stops across the country.

However, the ministry has evolved into a “whosoever will come” ministry and reaches people from all walks of like. Their motto is “a church without walls”.

Radio Broadcasts:

In addition to the free CDs, Lonesome Road Ministries has a number of radio programs that can be heard on stations and media outlets throughout the country. Click Here to listen.

Retail CDs:

Through Studio 115A and M.A.C. Records, Dennis and Leslie worked with Gary Rayburn of Lonesome Road to produce 3 CD projects with Christian and positive country music with a truck driving theme.

Lonesome Road Projects:

In May of 2018, McKay Project had their first #1 song, “Taking Me Home” off the project, Lonesome Road-Volume 1.

You will find McKay Project at various events around the country directly connected to Lonesome Road Ministries. Check out McKay Project’s schedule to see where they will be next.

You can also get more information about Lonesome Road Ministries by visiting their website at www.lonesomeroad.org.

We believe in the ministry of Lonesome Road and their vision to reach people (especially truckers) across the country. As our friend, Gary says, “spread a net with the gospel that will cover the highways of the country”

Dennis McKay